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Floor Plans

Why Should I Have a Floor Plan Produced?

Floor plans give a much clearer visual impression of the actual size and layout of any property than photographs can convey on their own. They provide customers with a memorable sense of perspective and space.

House hunters using the internet can begin to visualize themselves living in the property before even stepping out their homes.

Virtual Homes provide cost effective and visually appealing floor plans to help agencies market their properties more effectively. Historically floor plans have only ever been available on ‘new build’ properties, we believe all house hunters should be entitled to the same quality of information.

As buyers are looking to find all the relevant information about a property on the internet, it is important to have maximum information. Floor plans are the only true way to show the layout and the size of a property and in this fast expanding and competitive marketplace. Our plans offer your potential clients more the information they require to make informative decisions.

The Prices

Note: Prices are excluding gst. Any property within a 25 Km radius of the CBD.

Under 150 (square Meters) $ 99.00+gst
150-300 (square Meters) $ 125.00+gst
300 and Above (square Meters) (Call for quote)

Floor Plan Guidelines
  • Not provided for architectural needs
  • Laser measured, deemed accurate and reliable, but not guaranteed.

  • What we capture
  • Built-in Wardrobes, Fireplaces, Doorways (door openings), Hallways, Stairs, Windows, Kitchen Appliances, Bathroom Accessories, Pool, Spa, Built-in BBQ, Deck, Covered Areas
  • Outbuildings
  • Detached Garage, Pool House, Barn, Workshop

  • 30-60 minutes at the property
  • 24 hour turn-around time.

    For floor plan ordering, please visit and order through the website. Or request through your Virtual Homes agent.

    Example (150 sm property)

    Example (150-300 sm property)

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