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Are You A Photographer?

As a photographer in the real estate industry the margins are slim and therefore you have to streamline your processes to satisfy your clients and maximize your profit margins. If you have been asked to do a virtual tour from a customer and provide them with an off-the-shelf solution, the results may not be the best and it could be fairly time-consuming and a bit of a waste of your time considering all the time you spent getting it right.

Because of this reason, we created a complete online photography ordering system with weather pattern software for your clients. This allows your clients be become part of the photography process, order and have regular updates along the way to maximize time efficiency.

Once you or your photographers have finished your photography, you can can alert your customer directly from our system and/or push a button to create a tour for the client. Once the tour has been created, you can publish it live or let the client log in to approve the tour.

What's more, the client is invoiced automatically and can pay directly into your account. No More Invoicing!

The opportunities are endless. Talk to us today about your needs and we can set up an obligation-free trial of our software for you to use.

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