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Are Stage 3 sections titled?

Yes, these sections are now titled and ready to build on.

What about the Sale & Purchase Agreement?

We will have the Sale & Purchase Agreement available for all purchasers (and their Solicitors) to look at. It’s a standard agreement that also contains many of the matters outlined in the questions and answers here. It provides for a 5% deposit balance on settlement.

Is there a minimum size of house I must build?


What is the maximum house size on any Heathfield section?

Maximum site coverage (Floor slab of House & Garage) is 30% of the area of the section.

How far back from each boundary can I build?

The front yard (street) set back is 4.5 metres. The side and rear yard setback is 2.0 metres.

An exception to this is when Heathfield sections abut existing neighbourhood properties (for example Lots 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 65, 66, 81, 82, 83, 84 and 85). The setback for this particular boundary is 6m. Click here to see the Site Contours, Setbacks, Yards & Heights Plan.

What is the maximum building height for all sections?

Click here to see the Site Contours, Setbacks, Yards & Heights Plan - this explains heights really well.

What about trees?

We have thought carefully about this too. There are two types of trees in Heathfield:

Street or Avenue trees. These trees will eventually be owned by the council and will be smaller/medium growing trees; for example flowering cherries.

Privately owned trees. To protect all owners we are placing a covenant on all sites within Stage 3 (Lots 47 to 85) which limit the maximum height of any tree to 3 metres at the boundary of a section and then within a graduated height plane set between 3 metres at the boundary and the ridge line of the house within the lot.

This means view shaft and sunlight is protected particularly in the corridors between properties.

What about the height plane?

It is 1:2 from the ground level at the boundary.

In plain language this means a house may not protrude through a 63 degree angle set from the boundary at ground level towards the internal direction of a section (ie 1m in, and 2m up).

What services come with my section?

We will provide water, electricity, telecommunications, sewage and storm water to the boundary. In other words the sections are fully serviced.

Has this land ever been used for anything else?

No it’s always been (since European settlement) farmland.

Do I have to install a water tank?

Yes, to show that this subdivision is eco-friendly and to save precious drinking water each residence must be fitted with an external 600 litre tank which takes water off the roof via spouting and downpipes. Once the tank is full it then discharges storm water into the reticulated system.

This tank water is then used (via a tap on the tank) for such things as irrigation and washing the car. The water is also good for drinking as its pure water rather than treated.

These tanks are inexpensive and can be installed by your plumber when the house is built.

Will the developer steal my topsoil?

Certainly not. All sites will come with the natural topsoil and the soil quality is excellent.

Are there any other restrictions or covenants imposed by the developer?

Yes. No relocatable homes may be placed on any of the lots.

Can I subdivide my section in the future?

No, there is a condition of resource consent to be registered on the title of each lot as to no further subdivision and restricting development of each lot to a single residential home plus accessory buildings. This ensures the sections will remain very low density with plenty of space.

Anything else?

Not really, apart from what we have already mentioned, we don’t favour too many restrictive rules, or being able to tell our clients what they may and may not do or build!

There is also no minimum time you must build within after you buy your section. However there is a rule saying you must keep the grass cut on your empty section below 150mm at all times. There’s nothing worse than overgrown empty sections within an established neighbourhood in my opinion.

Who are the partners behind Heathfield?

The development is a joint venture (Otago Business Park Ltd is the company name) owned by both Allan and Martin Dippie. Allan’s company, Willowridge Developments Ltd is charged with both marketing and overseeing the construction and completion of the development to Willowridge’s high standards. More about Willowridge see www.willowridge.co.nz.

The Development is also using the following partners to help deliver this project to you.

Southern Wide Realty Ltd – Sales
Paterson Pitts – Subdivision design, survey and engineering
Mitre 10 Mega – Building supplies and building partnerships with their preferred builders.
Nichols Landscaping – Landscape and Design
Albert Alloo & Sons – Legal and Documentation


The above questions are about all I can think of that you may wish to ask, however if something comes up don’t hesitate to ask myself, or the Southern Wide team headed by Russell Lundy (Ph 0274 388-312), or the Willowridge Sales and Marketing Manager Tony Brown (Ph 0274 328-284). Alternatively email me at allan@nicholsgroup.co.nz at any time with anything you need clarified or want to know.

If you choose to purchase a section from us we will ensure that the experience is an enjoyable one and do everything possible to exceed your expectations when you take ownership of your new property.

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Willowridge Developments Ltd is well known for quality residential developments since 1994, Allan Dippie has constructed and sold many hundreds of residential sections across the region and his expertise and experience is your guarantee of a quality section delivered to you on time and at a great price. Heathfield will be built to the same high standards of Willowridge subdivisions and this is your ground-floor opportunity to buy a superb section direct from the developer.

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